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A message from Animals Asia Sanctuary, Vietnam

Thank you to all the “early birders” who have helped us get off to such a fabulous start. The website is not even 1 week old and we have raised almost $2000!

I received a surprise email on Thursday from Leanne, the veterinarian at the AAF Moon Bear Rescue Centre in Tam Dao, Vietnam.  Here is part of what she wrote: “…..I think this is such a great idea – I’ve always wanted to sponsor a bear too…….. so, even though I’m privileged enough to work with these amazing animals every day, I am also going to add my own piece to your puzzle.”  It’s fabulous to have her participation as it is quite likely “our Jigsaw” may live in the Vietnam sanctuary where they are currently negotiating for a bear farm to be shut down…

Leanne also shared the following about a single bear that has been released into the care of the AAF team:  “We’ve just arrived back in Tam Dao with the latest addition to our group, a 14 year old male with terrible teeth, who’s lived his whole life in a dark room next to the kitchen in the back of a house. I know his story and photos will go up on the [AAF] website over the next few days.  I’ve just looked at him this morning – he’s on his back, feet in the air, looking out over the mountains.  His little eyes are blinking, and in his paws are a few stray strands of straw which he is waving about, sniffing every now and then.  I can’t even begin to think what is going through his little bear brain right now.”


This is why we are raising funds to rescue these bears: to give them back their spirit to live…

Please, invite your friends to join us in gaining the freedom for Jigsaw

We are off!

We are off to a flying start due to the fantastic efforts of Lily Smith and her school friend Thea Martin.  They raised not $50, not $100, not $200, not $250, not $350 but $400 at the Sophia Mundi Steiner School fair on Sunday November 8 !!! How amazing is that!! All through sale of rum balls, little fridge magnets we created and a count-the-jelly-bean competition along with some lovely donations.