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Bearing up this Christmas

Well, in just one month we have raised almost $3000 which is a fabulous result!! A BIG THANK YOU to all the early bear carers! Their support represents 20% of the total money needed and whilst it’s a very impressive start we still have a long way to go to rescue Jigsaw.

Please help us spread the word by emailing friends and colleagues in your networks whom you feel may be interested to learn about and support this project.

As we prepare for our Christmas festivities, holidays and some relaxing “time out”, perhaps spare an extra thought for our big furry friends who have nothing to look forward to but more of the same…pain and suffering.


Their Christmas wish would be simple…. FREEDOM!

Maybe this Christmas a portion of your present budget could be put “under the tree” for our bear Jigsaw…and tell his story to your family.  And while you’re at it, break open the piggy bank that’s been gathering dust and add its contents too. Every little bit will help!!

Thank you for your care and support.  Again, we hope you might consider forwarding this website to interested others.

ps For some great ideas about celebrating Christmas with a difference this year, just visit our link to The Tithing Tree.