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Almost at the halfway mark!

The New Year has romped away with more donations, including a fabulous fundraiser by Sodashi Organic skincare company that contributed over $1300 to our coffers. We have now raised over $6000 in just a few months and 39 pieces of “our Jigsaw” have now been turned over.

Many people have not been able to afford a whole piece of the jigsaw puzzle, instead they donate what they can, and that’s ok! Every little bit helps and when I have received enough smaller donations I “purchase a piece”.

Some exciting news! Since my last update 19 bears have been rescued in Vietnam. Sadly one had to be euthenased but the others are showing signs of regaining their “bear” spirit and enjoying their new life, full of (healthy) treats. One of these bears could be our Jigsaw!

In another milestone for animal welfare in China, AAF co-sponsored an international symposium for Tradtional Chinese Medicine practitioners in December 2009 and successfully presented the case for using synthetic bile versus bear bile from afflicted farmed animals. They received a very positive response from their audience. This has to be some of the best news for bears, for without a market for the products, the bear farms will become obsolete.


The AAF Rescue convoy sets out on its 2,000km journey with its precious cargo of bears