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In December 2010, barely a year after starting our campaign, we reached our goal of $14,500, the amount needed to adopt and name our beautiful bear Jigsaw! Piece by piece we secured his freedom!

In fact we exceeded our goal!! People have continued to send donations and our current total is more than $15,500!

Your generosity has given us a strong foundation upon which to build our ongoing relationship with Jigsaw to ensure that he can experience the best life that an Animals Asia’s sanctuary can offer him.

Best of all, Animals Asia realised how keen we have been to adopt our bear and have had their eye on a very special bear for quite a while……….And so begins the story of Jigsaw, the Moon Bear.

Our very own Jigsaw !

Our very own Jigsaw !

Is that the face of a happy bear or what ???

I am currently working with Animals Asia to compile Jigsaw’s story to share with you. But I can tell you that Jigsaw was rescued early in 2010 in Vietnamand throughout the year your donations have been used towards his rescue, surgery and extensive rehabilitation. It is so inspiring to see that this beautiful animal who, just twelve months ago, was found incarcerated and emaciated in a ghastly cage inside a shipping container, now looks so alive and spirited and, let’s face it, so cheeky!!!!!

Stay tuned for more of Jigsaw’s story and ways you can help!Jigsaw

Jigsaw’s Old Life on the Bear Bile Farm