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A Winter’s Tale

Well I’m sitting through a pretty wet and gloomy Melbourne and I wonder if Jigsaw is sitting through similar weather at the Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre, north of Hanoi, except I bet he’s a whole lot warmer than me!! It’s monsoon season up his way, but given how much bears like water, he’s probably pretty happy.

sAngus_ClimbingFrame_2011_cropmb swimming

Thank you to our supporters who squeaked a donation in before the end of our (Australian) tax year.  Jigsaw is starting to “fill in” nicely and we are almost 1/3 way to our new target of $7000.

When we take on the responsibility of caring for Jigsaw it enables AAF to direct other donors’ money towards a multitude of projects: care of (other) bears, construction of bear enclosures &  veterinary buildings, creating & overseeing education programs for schools, communities and governments.  Our “little bit” goes a long way towards fulfilling a much bigger vision!

Remember our big fuNraising success at the Camberwell Trash’n’Treasure market last year?  (see October blog).  We are planning on running another stall in early November so, if you live in Melbourne and enjoy a little cupboard cleaning, please think of us if you have goodies to donate – just contact me via this website.

There are some fabulous new Youtubes up about the bears at AAF’s rescue centres. Here is one of them:

Oliver was a brown bear rescued after 30 years of incarceration on bear farms. His body is terribly stunted yet he manages to totter around contentedly.   Watch this short, very moving video of Oliver as he enjoys his life of belated freedom.

img_album_oliver_003 img_album_oliver_014

From 30 years in a cage to the pleasures of a swing!