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Spring has sprung!

Well, Spring has sprung at Tam Dao and good news for all the rescued cubs is that their new cub enclosure has been opened. The enthusiastic young residents have been putting it through its paces. Hopefully the grass will respond to Springtime as the cubs have given it a serious workout in recent months with their antics! The Cub House is a first for Animals Asia, with separate dens and enclosures to accommodate the cubs as they develop, including structures and toys appropriate for small to bigger cubs. With over 20 cubs rescued in Vietnam in recent years they will graduate through each den until they are finally mature enough to move to the other bear houses and be integrated with larger bears.

Enjoy watching the following video of the  Young bears exploring their new enclosure

Meanwhile, over at AAF’s sanctuary at Chengdu, more mischief is afoot!

Some of you may remember Jasper. He was our first pin-up bear/mascot for Adoptamoonbear, before we received our own Jigsaw. Well, Jasper is a bit of a “wag” apparently and seems to enjoy spreading a bit of mischief and delight. Recently some of the bears at the Chengdu (China) sanctuary have taken to spending their winter nights outdoors – in lovely big earth nests – making it very difficult for the staff to either clean the area or replenish the food supplies. Diligent observations have identified Jasper as the culprit, happily digging nests all over the enclosures for his friends to snooze in – and they are reveling in their good fortune!!

Let sleeping bears lie…..and The Scarlet Pimpernel Himself!


Finally bears enjoyed their Valentines Day too, snuggling up to close buddies and, I’m sure if they could speak, thanking all of us for making their lives more bearable.