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Jill Robinson visiting Australia & NZ

You all know how passionate I am about helping Animals Asia bring an end to the hideous practise of bear-bile farming. But if you want to know why I became involved, then please, come along and listen to Jill Robinson, AAF’s founder, tell her extraordinary tale, starting with one bear in a cage reaching out its paw to hold her hand… Jill is a dynamo: engaging, passionate, inspiring! Talk about what you can achieve as one person when you set your goals and focus!


For almost 20 years, Jill Robinson has been involved in the challenging fight to end bear bile farming in China – a country where there are no laws to protect animals and where the majority of the bear farms are licensed by the government. However, times ARE a’changing and recently, support from the Chinese people has begun to snowball – with more and more local activists and members of the public joining AAF in its fight to protect our beloved moon bears, who endure decades of pain that you and I couldn’t even begin to imagine.

Jill will be in Australia early June, and sharing her story in Melbourne 6.30pm on Tuesday, June 5 at Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club. Easy access after work by train, tram, car (lots of parking). Only $50 for a fabulous night! Other locations & dates can be found on the link above

Come along and find out how and why your bear Jigsaw has been given a new life of hope and happiness


Jill's 2012 Tour