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Woo! Hoo! Our puzzle is finished!

WOO HOO !! WE’VE DONE IT !! Jigsaw has romped over the finish line for his 2012 puzzle,with a bit of extra cash on his rump!

We have taken our total – in just over 3 years – to $33,000 – 80% through this website, with your personal donations.

Thank you to all of you who supported – and continue to support –  Jigsaw’s Bear Care Club!YOU make it FUN to care for our bear! And every $ you donate makes it easier for Animals Asia to care for Jigsaw… and reach out to other bears needing their help…


Don’t Worry! If you missed out donating your piece of THIS puzzle, there will be another one along sooooon!!

And if you live in Melbourne, then come along to my Trash’n’Treasure sale this Sunday, March 3 at Camberwell Rotary TnT market. Lots of pre-loved goodies and…… a peek look at some merchandise!!  The wonderful Anne Leon of Byron Bay has produced some beautiful moon bear artwork for us to use on tea-towels and other goodies. Come along and get yours this Sunday!!

3 bears P-Card