The Bear Necessities of Life

When AAF rescues a bear, it commits to the bear’s care for the term of its natural life. Our continued sponsorship supports AAF in honouring this commitment so that our cheeky, fun-loving Jigsaw can look forward to a life:
  • where his health and physical comfort are monitored daily
  • eating healthy and nutritious food
  • playing in a stimulating environment
  • enjoying the company of his bear buddies

Click on the collage of Jigsaw bear buddies below, and take a tour through the Animals Asia’s Bear Rescue Centre in China with Jill Robinson, founder of Animals Asia .  She walks you through the new life of  a bear once it’s been rescued, the steps towards recovery and rehabilitation and ultimate “freedom”. It’s beautiful – you will smile while your eyes glisten! (it’s ok to watch – some early photos are sad, but not gruesome)


In 2010, when Jigsaw arrived at Animals Asia’s Bear Rescue Centre in Vietnam, there were less than 40 bears and 2 outdoor enclosures …. in 2016 there are over 140 bears at the Vietnam sanctuary and 8 outdoor enclosures plus some special ones for cubs!
 Your donations will be used to help fund:
  • Jigsaw’s specially formulated daily diet
  • Jigsaw’s ongoing medical requirements including full veterinarian checks
  • Jigsaw’s contribution towards the supply and replacement of the play equipment, climbing frames and other enrichment activities in Jigsaw and his bear buddies’ enclosure – healthy, active bears are happily destructive!
  • Jigsaw’s hydrotherapy program – ie his share of the  swimming pools.  Moon bears LOVE water
  • Jigsaw’s contribution towards the wages of the sanctuary staff, almost entirely employed from local communities, who absolutely love and care for the bears. 
  • Jigsaw’s share of ongoing infrastructure costs: the inside dens and outdoor enclosures (each housing up to 20 bears) that need to be built and maintained


But I hear you asking….WHY the name JIGSAW??? Just click the button below (or my picture above) to find out…

moon bears