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Five Bears Rescued in Vietnam during Covid crisis!

FIVE bears are moving closer to their first steps on grass after being rescued from bile-farms in April and May. They have finished their quarantine period at Animals Asia’s Vietnam sanctuary and are now getting used to their inside sleeping dens. After that…. the Great Outdoors awaits them!  


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And as we head to end of the tax year, Scooby is offering to hide some snacks from the taxman for you !!  

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My 2020 puzzle is UP and running

Hi everyone!   Happy New Year from your favourite bear!

I’m already celebrating my last TEN happy years with Animals Asia, living at their wonderful sanctuary in Vietnam. And now I’m starting my eleventh year and boy! Have things changed since I first arrived as Bear # 39.  There are now 200 bears living here and we have ten bear houses plus houses for the very boisterous cubs, our more elderly bears (NOT me!!)  plus our southern cousins, the Sun Bears. 

As you can see, this is going to be another fabulous puzzle photo of yours truly! I have everyone reason to look so happy because my life here is fantastic – thanks to your support which helps make me a Zero Cost Bear for Animals Asia. Your donations cover ALL my living costs for the whole year.  And I couldn’t be in better caring paws than the team here at Animals Asia.

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Love Your Bear, Jigsaw

Order of Australia for our director Tuan and my puzzle for 2019 is up and running

Hi everyone! Jigsaw here, off to a great to start to 2019: Our Vietnam Director Tuan Bendixson was honoured with an Order of Australia for his contribution and dedication to animal welfare in South East Asia! Go Tuan!

And my new puzzle is up and ready to receive your support. Check it out here

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Historic agreement between Animals Asia and Vietnam government to shut down the bear bile industry!

Best news ever for Vietnam’s moon bears was announced in August: a Memorandum of Understanding with Vietnam’s government that makes it illegal for private households to keep moon bears in captivity. This should bring an end to the horrific bear bile industry in Vietnam forever.
The 1000 bears currently caught up in this industry will need to find new homes in sanctuaries by 2023. These sanctuaries need to be built…. and that means $$ – OUR DONATIONS are needed more than ever to help make this happen as quickly as possibly. 
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Beyond the Bamboo reporting in!

Hi everyone!  It’s your bear Jigsaw here! I really enjoyed my time in the limelight on Animals Asia’s Facebook page(see my July blog). If you’d like to read my latest newsletter, click here. There’s a great poem by Dickie Bear Dugmore up in Chengdu Rescue Centre. Some of the bears do it tough and DJ Bear can tell you the story…

Sorry there’s been a bit of a gap with my blogging – I was busy signing autographs!! Now I’m enjoying hanging out, just being one of the gang, back at the Rescue Centre, with my mates Gus & Chocolate. (Chocolate got onto FB too!) Here’s a pretty chilled-out pic of yours truly:


My puzzle is going really well – we’re almost halfway there in just over 4 months!! It would be great if I was finished by Christmas! That would be THE COOLEST present. You can donate here.

I want to tell you about someone who is very special to us bears. He visited our Rescue Centre in Vietnam recently:


It mightn’t mean a lot to you, but for us it promises a world of difference to our health checks and recovery times. Romain Pizzi, veterinary surgeon at Edinburgh Zoo and founder of Wildlife Surgery International, visited our Vietnam surgery to teach the staff how to perform keyhole examinations and surgeries. Not only that but he donated much of the equipment needed to continue the work!

For bears rescued from bear bile farms, it’s vital vets are able to monitor internal damage. Using laparoscopy techniques means the difference between us bears undergoing major exploratory operations followed by a month recovering in a small cage (boring! sore!) versus re-joining our friends in the enclosures the following day (Yeah!! Day surgery!! Home in time for tea!!).


That’s all for now everyone!  I’ll be back soon !  Love, Jigsaw

Animals Asia is making a difference!

China Rises Against Bear Farming” was the theme of the 2012 Australian Roadshow that saw AAF’s Founder and Jill Robinson speak at nine events, including two private dinners, in just 11 days and raise an impressive $245,000.  I hope that some of you were among the 120 who joined Jill at Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club to hear how the people in China are really responding to AAF’s message that bear-bile farming is barbaric and cruel and must end!  (Unfortunately I was away at the time, but Jigsaw’s supporters and AAMB helped with securing the venue and offering quality items for the Silent Auction)  To read more about the tour click here.

AAF is funded entirely by private donations and while the fundraising total might seem like a lot of money, with over 250 (living) bears currently at AAF’s two Bear Rescue Centres it amounts to less than $1000 per bear = about half the annual food costs for each bear… And that’s before one considers the expenses of building & maintaining bear enclosures, doing vet checks & surgeries, plus a myriad of other day-to-day costs to run the sanctuaries.

Additional to its rescuing and caring for bears, AAF works non-stop on its many education programs for communities, schools, medical colleges and governments, covering all aspects of the bear-bile industry including:

  • the dangers inherent in using bear-bile from chronically sick bears,
  • sharing information about the viable plant and synthetic alternatives already available
  • and most importantly highlighting the issues of animal welfare.

Below are photos of Kalina in her bear-bile farm cage and now at Animals Asia’s Bear Rescue Centre


AAF’s commitment to delivering a wholistic message is bringing the changes we are witnessing in China & other Asian countries. Here are just a few of AAF’s recent success stories:

  • Chinese people are continuing to express their outrage at a Chinese company’s intention to list its bear-bile farm on the chinese stock exchange To read more, click here.
  • A youtube film documenting the horrors of a bear bile farm went viral on China’s youtube. To read more, click here.
  • In February, scientific studies reveal the brutal truth about the bear farming industry  To read more, click here.
  • In June, 1,000 doctors in China sign a pledge against [prescribing] bear bile. To read more, click here.
  • In August, “Moon Bear” the hard-hitting, undercover documentary showing the brutality of the bear bile industry across China, won a top award at the Fifth China Ya’an International Panda, Animals and Nature Film Week. To read more, click here.


IT DOES, and in more ways than you can imagine..