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More bears Rescued! 64 pieces of my puzzle turned over !

Please read my latest newsletter here, sharing news of recent rescues.

And the very sad reality that some rescues come too late despite all the care and love they receive at our sanctuaries.

Since June more bears have been given hope and a new home with us, hopefully with more to follow soon.

And who’s looking fabulous with 64 pieces of my puzzle turned over but still many more to go.  Please help by clicking here to make your donation

My 2024 Puzzle is here!

Hi everyone, Jigsaw here!  My 2024 PUZZLE is now showing, check it out here


And my first NEWSLETTER for the year can be read Here.  It’s full of news:

  • Recent bear rescues!
  • Our newly built 2nd Vietnam sanctuary at Bach Ma is already receiving bears
  • Another Milestone towards ending bile farming celebrated with the Vietnamese Government
  • Jill Robinson, our Founder, is making headlines again.

What a great year 2023 has been !

25 Committed Years brings bear bile farming closer to its end in Vietnam.

Animals Asia is officially partnered with the Vietnamese Government to end this barbaric industry.  In October AA opened its 2nd bear sanctuary in Vietnam and already it has welcomed its first three bears, rescued from the bear bile industry.  With over 300 bears still on bile farms and in private ownership, the race is on to bring them to the new Bach Ma sanctuary.  Read more here about how you can help!

Jigsaw and his bear buddies thank you for your support and wish you well over the festive season! 


2nd Vietnam Sanctuary now open and already has its first bears!

Oops, bit belated again but check out my Spring newsletter here

It’s chokkas with great news about our new sanctuary and its first rescued bears, doing their bit for Moonkind !  We’ve had some fabulous fuNraising events. And Sal has broken new ground, giving a terrific presentation to forty 9 year old students about moon bears and endangered animals!

And there’s not much left to go with my puzzle for 2023 so Please help me be a Zero Cost Bear for Animals Asia so we can fill the 2nd sanctuary with lots of rescued bears as soon as possible!

2023 marks 25 years of Bear Rescues for Animals Asia

2023 is shaping up to be a HUGE year for Bears !

25 years ago Animals Asia rescued its first bear and now over 600 bears have been given new lives at our sanctuaries in China and Vietnam.

We are well underway with the building of our second sanctuary in Vietnam, thankfully, as we have rescued 10 bears already this year, mostly from notorious bile-farm hotspots.    Read all about our plans for this year here 

And Please! Support me with my puzzle.  Helping me be a Zero Cost Bear for Animals Asia means it has more money to finish the new sanctuary and fill it with newly rescued bears !

Wishing you a Merry Beary Christmas and an exciting new year!

Hi everyone !  Suddenly 2022 has almost finished !  But we have a wonderful new project starting here in Vietnam:
Our second sanctuary is being built right now and hopefully open for its first rescued bears early in the new year!
Read all my news in the last newsletter for 2022 right here
And try and guess what cute sound Anh Sang is making when she’s playing with Bubu !! You’ll be surprised !
Love Jigsaw !!!