October 17, 2012

Dear Honourable Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung,

My name is Jigsaw. I am a Moon Bear. In early 2010 I was rescued from a horribly cruel and abusive life in a cage, on a bear-bile farm in Vietnam. Now I live happily and healthily at Animals Asia’s Bear Rescue Centre near Tam Dao, north of Hanoi, on land that was officially given to AAF by you.

Many people around the world help take care of me, through a website called www.felicitys21.sg-host.com School children do projects about me and raise money for me and for my bear friends. Now all these people  – my family – are deeply concerned That I am going to be homeless!

They can’t understand why you would let this happen!! When you agreed to help Animals Asia build its bear sanctuary, people around the world praised you as a wise and progressive- thinking man. Now they are asking why you could be so unfair.

What will happen to us? Animals Asia has spent millions of dollars to build a safe world for its bears. Plus given good steady jobs to 77 local Vietnamese people.

Please don’t evict me

Please overturn the decision to evict Animals Asia

Please honour your government’s agreement.

Love Jigsaw, the Moon Bear