Bears! Bears! Bears!


Our Very own Jigsaw!

I can hardly believe that we have already been back for two weeks, yet still not had time to tell you about our fabulous visit to see Jigsaw at the Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre !

Meeting Jigsaw and seeing him with all his bear buddies was a dream come true!! Unless you visit an AAF sanctuary you’re unlikely to ever see such happy, contented bears in your whole life! We almost had to remind ourselves that only 2 years ago, these big, black, glossy creatures were hungry, thin, dull-furred bears, living with the pain of their abusive existence on bear-bile farms.

Suffice to say we laughed – and cried – at the sight of these lovely bears, making the most of their new lives, overseen with such care and devotion by all the staff at VBRC. Tuan, what a great team you have!! I bring home such a deep sense of gratitude that Jigsaw and his friends are being cared for so lovingly by you all.

Over the next few months I will share more about our visit: meeting and talking with the staff, the world of the bears (including the family of Sun bears), plus more about Jigsaw (of course!). I managed to get quite a bit of video footage of bears foraging, playing, chilling and just choofing around their enclosures. I’m looking forward to creating some little Youtube videos that will bring the bears’ world into your world and hopefully all the way into your hearts. I tell you, once you see them up close and personal, you want to do everything possible to rescue as many bears as you can from their horrible plight on the farms.
AAF has extensive expansion plans for the Rescue Centre as over half the bears at the Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre are still waiting for additional outside enclosures to be built. They too deserve to enjoy the sun on their backs and the grass under their feet, just like our very, very lucky Jigsaw. Everything we can do to support our boy Jigsaw means that other donated money can be directed to these much-needed new enclosures.

Camberwell Market Stall this Sunday November 6

I’ll have to blame Jigsaw for the news blackout as I have been busily organising his Market Stall for this coming Sunday November 6. The house is bulging with donated goodies as are Bill’s eyes as he surveys the back shed and spare room. Thank you to all who have emptied their cupboards!

Paws crossed for good weather and a generous crowd of shoppers! Please come along and join us, and meet some of the gang. Remember to bring your friends.


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