Huge Success for our Market Stall!

Hooray for Us!!! We raised over $2500 – a stupendous effort for what amounted to 6 hours selling Trash’n’Treasure, with most items under $10. Now that’s a LOT of sales.

And in bear language, that’s 2 whole months of Bear Care Club costs taken care of in just one morning! So it’s a substantial contribution towards Jigsaw’s annual upkeep.


An early start is de rigeur – and we’re talking 4am – so that stall set-up can get underway by 5 am. Thankfully it’s just light enough to see what you’re doing (I can’t imagine doing a stall in winter). Once again I had a very committed team of helpers (including some genuine early-birders – a must!) and before long we had our new tent and banner erected, with Bernadette’s colourful bunting streaming out to the corners. Before you could rub the sleep from your eyes the dealers came, poking around with their torches, hoping to sniff out the bargains. From then on it was Game On! with hardly a breath drawn till final pack-down at 1pm! Those who could joined us back at the house for much-earned drinks & BBQ enjoying the thrill of the Money Counting Ceremony!

Highlights of the Day

Funniest Home Video of the day awarded to the chocolate labrador who lunged into the basket of toys and triumphantly dragged out a chicken!

Most Generous Purchase of the day – small collectible teacup & saucer set sold for $90 to a lady who wanted a small gift that would donate a large sum to our cause

Cutest Purchase of the day to a very determined young man who appropriated the small wooden toy cart I had set aside “out the back” of the stall for myself. He clasped the handle firmly and marched it up the footpath. His mother came running back with a fistful of dollars

Cleverest Marketing idea : handing out AAMB “business cards” with every purchase

Best Conversations of the day: with people who remembered us from last year and couldn’t wait to support us again

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


To all of you who donated goods

To all of you who helped me sort and sift

To all of you who came along to assist on the day

To all of you who sent wishes for a successful day

To all of you who keep showing up to support AAMB

A BIG thank you on behalf of Jigsaw and his bear buddies. Their lives are healthier and happier because YOU care to make a difference


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