Let the Taxman help you to help JIGSAW

As we close in on the end of the (Australian) Financial Year, there is still some time to consider a little pledge to Jigsaw! Remember that your gifts are tax-deductible and how much nicer to know that your hard-earned money is helping our bear Jigsaw to not only enjoy a better life, but really to HAVE a life at all, with your support … We are almost halfway there! 43 pieces and over $6700 donated so far, with a couple more pieces pledged, so please!! keep the $$  coming and tell your friends!!!

Jill pic_AUS-roadshow_008

During July, Jill Robinson MBE, Founder and CEO of Animals Asia Foundation is visiting Australia  to share with us the amazing progress that has been made in the fight against bear bile farming in China and Vietnam. Jill has devoted her life to rescuing Moon Bears and is a compelling and inspiring speaker.

Jill will be sharing all the latest news first-hand on animal welfare in China, including positive developments in government relations, the explosion of media coverage on sensitive issues, support from the traditional medicine community to “heal without harm”, and the growing awareness amongst the Chinese people for animal rights. She will also recount the two latest bear rescues in China and Vietnam which bring the total number of bears rescued by Animals Asia to 328.

I will be going to the Melbourne event, accompanied by my young friend, Lily Smith, who inspired me to create Jigsaw’s website! We would love you to join us or attend Jill’s visit in your state.

Please click the link below for more details re dates and locations and to book your tickets to the event in your State.


Speaking of events, I am planning a few myself so stay tuned to the blog and our mailing list for coming attractions in your area! if you would like to be on our mailing list, please click the link at top right of this page!

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