Year 6 students @ Vaucluse Public School cook up a feast for Jigsaw!

Year 6 students got right behind Jigsaw and cooked up a feast that he would have loved to eat himself !!

With the support and encouragement of one of their teachers, Margaret Nay, the students studied the plight of Moon Bears in Term 3. They looked at Animals Asia videos online and then designed a pamphlet about Moon Bears. The pamphlet was divided up into sections e.g facts about appearance and habitat; a map section, threats to survival and lastly awareness & discussion of fundraising ideas.

The school is fortunate to have a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden (& kitchen) so a cup cake bake-athon was a popular choice for their fuNraiser!

Pairing up with a class buddy, the Year 6 students selected another class in the school who they then visited, showing their pamphlet to the students and educating them in advance of the fundraising day. The awareness the Year 6 students raised through the sharing of their moon bear pamphlet, coupled with their baking skills resulted in a hugely successful fundraising event, with $400 of cupcakes sold! With some extra teacher support, the total donation came to $500!

Big thank you’s and Bear Hugs to Vaucluse Public School from Jigsaw and Adoptamoonbear for your wonderful support!


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