Beyond the Bamboo reporting in!

Hi everyone!  It’s your bear Jigsaw here! I really enjoyed my time in the limelight on Animals Asia’s Facebook page(see my July blog). If you’d like to read my latest newsletter, click here. There’s a great poem by Dickie Bear Dugmore up in Chengdu Rescue Centre. Some of the bears do it tough and DJ Bear can tell you the story…

Sorry there’s been a bit of a gap with my blogging – I was busy signing autographs!! Now I’m enjoying hanging out, just being one of the gang, back at the Rescue Centre, with my mates Gus & Chocolate. (Chocolate got onto FB too!) Here’s a pretty chilled-out pic of yours truly:


My puzzle is going really well – we’re almost halfway there in just over 4 months!! It would be great if I was finished by Christmas! That would be THE COOLEST present. You can donate here.

I want to tell you about someone who is very special to us bears. He visited our Rescue Centre in Vietnam recently:


It mightn’t mean a lot to you, but for us it promises a world of difference to our health checks and recovery times. Romain Pizzi, veterinary surgeon at Edinburgh Zoo and founder of Wildlife Surgery International, visited our Vietnam surgery to teach the staff how to perform keyhole examinations and surgeries. Not only that but he donated much of the equipment needed to continue the work!

For bears rescued from bear bile farms, it’s vital vets are able to monitor internal damage. Using laparoscopy techniques means the difference between us bears undergoing major exploratory operations followed by a month recovering in a small cage (boring! sore!) versus re-joining our friends in the enclosures the following day (Yeah!! Day surgery!! Home in time for tea!!).


That’s all for now everyone!  I’ll be back soon !  Love, Jigsaw

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