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An Important Diary Date

If you want to understand more fully about bear-bile farms, as well as have the opportunity to witness the fabulous work being done by Animals Asia Foundation when they set out to rescue and rehabilitate a farm of bears, then JOIN ME at a screening of Cages of Shame, being held in Melbourne on Friday April 20th.  The film is being presented by Jen O’Dwyer who has been a vet with AAF, and she along with her husband John (who has also worked for AAF) will be answering questions.  If you are not in Melbourne, click here for list of viewing dates in your area of Australia or New Zealand.

This film, by  Australian director Martin Guinness,  won The Humane Society of the United States’ sixth “Animal Content in Entertainment “(ACE) Documentary Film Grant.

The film is being screened at an extremely pertinent time : the Guizhentang Pharmaceutical Company Ltd, and owner of one of the biggest bear-bile farms in China, has made an application for an “initial public offering” (ie share investments) in order to finance the bear farm’s expansion from 400 bears to 1200.  This cannot be permitted.

I understand the copy of the film being shown has had some of the content toned down, but it may not be suitable for the very young.  But, be brave, come along, journey with Jill Robinson and her team as they rescue the bears, and be uplifted and inspired by what a difference can be made when you take a stand to DO something!  For more about the film please click here

Can it be a coincidence that another (undercover) film produced in China and released on the Chinese YouTube equivalent YouKu, titled “The Moon Bear”, has activated an unprecedented groundswell of support in China for the plight of captive moon bears, with over 1.3 million Chinese viewers watching the film online.  People are signing petitions and marching on the streets. Times, they are a-changing…
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