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OOPs! Forgot to pop my September newsletter up

With all the lovely weather,  I just forgot!  But please read how the Nanning bears are settling in to their happy new lives.  Then enjoy some Bearlympics which took place during the Tokyo Olympics this year!! And finally don’t miss my poem!! Lots of great reading right here

After 8 long years waiting, 101 bears finally get to come Home


Hi everyone!
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We can’t believe it!! Finally the 101 bears of Nanning have made it Home to Animals Asia’s sanctuary in Chengdu after 8 long years of negotiations and delays.  They travelled almost 800 miles by truck to a new peace-filled life, surrounded by bear buddies, healthy food and …. grass !! Something none of them had ever experienced.
If this isn’t a big enough story Animals Asia now has a location for, and will soon start building, its 2nd sanctuary in Vietnam to help accommodate all the bears remaining on bear-bile farms but who must be surrendered by end of 2023.
So please if you are moved to support Jigsaw, now is the time to help him be a Zero Cost Bear – that is a bear that doesn’t cost Animals Asia money to keep because we cover ALL his costs at the sanctuary.

Jigsaw’s puzzle complete plus hope dawning for 130 bears at Nanning

Hi everyone, what a busy month or two!  Jigsaw’s 4th puzzle has now been completed!! Yeahh!!!  Our “annual” (well June – June this year) target of $10,000 reached with an overall tally of $45,000 for moon bears since 2010.


Thank you very much to all Jigsaw’s supporters: first-timers and long-termers. Your support IS the difference that allows Animals Asia to continue with their extraordinary work, both in China and Vietnam.  Jigsaw is one lucky bear to have such a large family, including schools around the country, but now there are many more bears who need our support, NOW.

As mentioned in my April post, Animals Asia has taken over the reins at a bear-bile farm in Nanning province where 130 bears have been surrendered into its care.  This is a miraculous and progressive step in animal welfare rights in China with a lot at stake: primarily converting a place of pain & suffering – completely devoid of stimulation – into a place of nourishment and sanctuary for these long-suffering bears.  The scope and depth of the bears’ injuries, illnesses and deformities (as a result of capture, treatment and psychological suffering) are only just beginning to be uncovered. The bears will take a long time to heal.. the financial costs will be great..  Read our latest newsletter here


Row upon row upon row of bears in cages

This undertaking will be the model upon which further farm conversions will be yard-sticked. Importantly we all hope that it will be the catalyst that inspires change throughout the bear-bile farm industry:  if this endeavour succeeds then hopefully others – many others – will follow. We can but  hope that this heralds the beginning of a new era in our efforts to close down the hideous bear-bile farms in Asia…

watch this video of Smudge, the luckiest littlest bear at Nanning

Jigsaw has asked Animals Asia if he can have a BEAR BUDDY in Nanning! And they have said YES!

Jigsaw and I would like to dedicate the rest of 2014 to raising money for his Bear Buddy. So stay tuned and keep going to “Our Jigsaw” page to find out how.

If you would like to know more about the Nanning Bears, Peace by Piece is the name of the campaign to raise money for the bears at Nanning – click the link below